Out with the old, in with the new

Online gamblers have for too long been stuck with the same online casinos with the same stale games. Online gambling has become a bit of a monotonous monopoly and players are not as enthusiastic about their gambling anymore even when they pay traditionally exciting games like Roulette, pokies or Keno. The casino landscape in New Zealand is set to change for the better. Armed with the reputable MGA casino licenses almost 50 new European online casinos are poised to disrupt the industry, brining with them a wide variety of online casinos games of all sorts, and this includes Keno! They are also ready to accept bets and payout in the NZ$ currency. For great comparison websites that list and compare all these new casinos along with their games and bonus offering to the New Zealand player, click here { online-casino-nz.com }

  • 50+ new online casinos
  • Licensed by MGA
  • NZ$ support
  • Variety of casino games
  • Even Keno!

Let's look closer at one of the games you can look forward to when the new casinos enter New Zealand. Keno is very exciting game that combines playing the lottery with the joy of receiving instantaneous results. Although the game is said to have originated in ancient Chine, the rules remained mostly the same through the ages. The game is normally played on a field of 80 numbered spots. To begin play, the player selects the numbers (spots) that he would like to bet on and then wait for the draw to complete. Players can bet on anything from 1 number up to 20 numbers. The game software allows for the player to choose the numbers manually or to allow numbers to be chosen automatically at random - the odds remain the same.

During the draw stage, 20 numbers are drawn by the software and if they correspond with the numbers the player has chosen, the number is marked off as a 'catch'. The player is then paid out depending on how many numbers he has bet on, how many numbers that player managed to 'catch' and how much was wagered. During a game of online Keno, most of the work is done for the player. The game will appeal to players that enjoy a thrilling, fast-past game of chance where they don't want to commit much time or money. Although it is a very basic game that involves little skill, similar to Bingo, players are still advised to first play the game for free and formulate some basic form of Keno strategy so that they lower the house edge against them.

  1. Game of luck
  2. Bets based on percentage mathematics
  3. Players choose 1 to 20 spots
  4. Small bets for marginal returns
  5. More numbers = more catches
  6. Play multiple games in a short time

Even for a very basic game, players still need to understand some basic betting structures, also known as betting tickets. Straight tickets are when the player chooses his numbers on the Keno card and waits for the draw. A combination tickets is when a group of straight bets are combined if different ways. Each combination costs a unit bet. Split tickets is when the players pays two or more games on the same Keno card. Two groups of numbers are chosen and they will be separated with a line. Way tickets is when the player bets on multiple groups of numbers on the same card. This is the most complicated bet and the calculations are based on fractions, best left to the game software. To get the hang of the various Keno betting tickets, players are advised to seek out a casino that permits free play without financial commitment.

The recent changes in the online gambling landscape in New Zealand has left local punters spoiled for choice. There are many new casinos offering new and exciting games for various online game developers and providers.One of these games is the ageless yet extremely popular game of Keno. As a sped-up version of a cross between Bingo and the Lottery, this game provides plenty of excitement to the novice players as well as the weathered gambler that uses Keno strategy to get by. Players should, regardless of their Keno expertise level, still attempt to brush up on their basic keno skills and strategy by playing a free version or Keno simulator at the casino of their choice without having to deposit money or even sign up to the casino. There are now plenty of legal online casinos to chose from and they all aim to please.